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Different Rhythms, Different People.


  • Marketing
  • Internet
  • CGI 
  • Radio
  • 3D

Bridgeadv is renewed after an initial period of start-up, in which the experiences have given solidity to the plan, and this has also favored a greater chain of collaborations. Many are in fact the companies that collaborate with this young reality that over time is taking place more and more in Campania and national territory in general but with the possibility to escape from the reference area that offers internet.

Why “Bridgeadv“?

Because Bridgeadv derives from two English words: bridge and adv (advertising, publicity). Ours is an ideal bridge that helps companies to get theirself in touch with any customers, is the means through which a large, medium or small company shows to the large public all the initiatives, promotions and news in a direct way: advertising.

Our study aims to accompany, guide and suggest to the customer  the more valid business strategies; proposes new projects, new channels to attract consumers: press, radio, Internet, mobile phone advertising and much more can be expressed in all forms of communications and public relations.

Our know-how has grown increasingly over time through practice of project to create.


  • We take care of every detail both in the briefing with the customer anf in the design stage.
  • We develop original ideas, we are a creative group which doesn't know stops.
  • We know the techniques by which to reach potential customers.
  • We have experience of national advertising campaigns management.

Support as a form of collaboration

supportThe creation of a good advertising interests both us as a graphic studio and you as the end customer. To exchange opinions, surveys ,market research will facilitate our work, will open the way to new solutions and will not create misunderstandings in the research of the desired graphics. Our Brand Driver makes available to the Company all of their skills to refute any doubts. Ultimately we will help the customer to develop its best advertising campaign and the customer will help us in the research of final result.

Even the eye wants its part

11Our works are optimized for use required: for example, a banner for the internet can never be developed with a resolution of 300 dpi. It will be light so it will be created as all views on screen, while printing will need high resolution, so we will elaborate a file with weigh more, considering, of course, optimized for printing. The same is obviously true for videos, three-dimensional graphics and radio spots.

Sometimes the imagination is sufficient

Loud N' ProudWhen printing, internet and video presentations fail to deliver the visibility required, a crucial help comes from the regional and national radio. Where you can not arrive trough images, it is obbligatory to reach trough imagination. It is necessary to provide a particular study of advertising. But what does a great spot characterize? What does the attention of listener attract in addition to the normal broadcast? The curiosity, the work of copywriting, sound effects, dialogues, background music should fuse into a single entity, from which the peculiarities of message emerges. The particular idea and imagination are the basis of any form of marketing, but sometimes, with the experience, is need a quick impact strategy, even a few seconds.

When you have a catchephrase in the head

JinglesbelliHave you noticed that can become "cumbersome" a catchphrase? Everyone talks about it, it is broadcast countless times a day and for months all hum the tune, or will only trace the melody. These technically are called jingles and represent the same offer or part of it in the form "sung." Thanks to a thorough brainstorming and a boundless passion for music bridgeadv creates jingles to suit all situations. From christmas atmosphere, to the summer holidays until to reach social advertising, we develop the best content in texts adaptable to jingle to make your spot viral.

Copy that do not copy

CopywritingIt is not always easy to draw a text for a print campaign, a radio spot or just a search SEO for Internet. To find the right words becomes complicated, both as regards the grammatical form, both for the inventive. Our copywriters, with their cultural background, however, have the imagination needed to set a text in such a way that is adequate for necessary use. Each text is then designed according to precise rules that from time to time are applied and optimized according to the result that must lead. Originality, creativity and extensive research are the basis of our advertising texts.

Quality check

Grafico a TortaIn the years we have gained experiences so we have grown exponentially. This situation has facilitated a greater investment in human resources to achieve maximum targets. We try result before you, and of course it must be in accordance with our peculiarities such as graphic design (print, internet) and radio. Over time the services have also increased thanks to the birth of the first e-commerce in this area. As always original, a step forward to achieve the results.











A winning project develops a process following the various alternative possibility starting from the drafting of the brief. The most brilliant strategies will give visibility to the Company.


We develop the best ideas based on research, relevance and creativity in a meeting without exclusion of ideas.


We define the most engaging ideas. The graphic design will make the concept requested by the customer.


The print tests and quality control precede sending the final files to the magazine, website or radio.